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Pandemic Fashion

Veneza, Itália

If I had to write a movie script about a story that happens in 2020, these would be the fashion costumes for my characters:

Rick Owens Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection was my favorite of the season and I had to share it here with you. As a sci-fi fan, I always thought I wouldn't be alive to see that chaotic and futuristic world Ridley Scott imagined in 'Blade Runner' but 2020 is here to prove me wrong. That future, that I was so fascinated about has arrived and despite the chaos, we still have Art to make it beautiful and poetic. To me, Rick Owens collection is pure Art. And I want to wear It now.

But keeping talking about that movie script... what do you think about Charlize Theron for the main role wearing the outfit above? (Mad Max vibes here.. and also, Lady Gaga - it would fit perfectly for the 'Chromatica' world tour costumes) 

The collection was presented right a few days after the new 'DUNE' movie trailer has been released. And it was one of the latests posts I wrote... this look brought tears to my eyes, seriously!  


As the fashion designer calls his creation. Phlegethon, from the Greek mythology, was one of the five rivers of the Underworld, just as deadly as the Styx. And in Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy', it was a river of blood that boiled souls, Attila the Hun’s and Alexander the Great’s included. Not a bad concept for a pandemic world, right? 

“A mask kind of works with my clothes,” Owens said to Vogue, “but it’s also a vote. It’s also promoting consideration of others. You might not believe in a mask, but it sends the right message.”

About the location for the fashion show: the monumental casino on the Lido, in Venice, the empty piazza and an even emptier beach, (spotted with abandoned cabanas) don't remind us of the lockdown period we all have just experience in our own cities this year?

Definitely, sci-fi became a reality in 2020 and before I go, a little bit more of 'Blade Runner', chaos and poetry for you... 

Independence Day in Los Angeles looked a lot like the opening scene of the movie. Hundreds of fireworks were going off all over the city that night, even though they're illegal in L.A. County. The next morning, it was a #TT on twitter as a fan/ geek added the Vangelis song into the news video. (Which btw I'm listening right now as I write)

Again in California, the year could be 2049 but it was 2020 still... Last month, the Bay Area experienced a strange weather phenomenon resulting in orange skies - the haze was caused by the smoke from countless wildfires mixed with clouds and fog - and we were all shocked one more time when images from 'Blade Runner 2049' was compared to reality.

And here is the complete Rick Owens show, I invite you to watch (for the first time and/or again):

See you in the future!
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*photos from Fashion to Max, The New York Times and Vogue.