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Beauty Shower II

Londres, Reino Unido

Still speaking of 'Atomic Blonde' - I can't help it, 'cause you know I like it too much and need to talk more about it.. Once again, Charlize shares with us one of hers beauty secrets.. and again, it's an uncommon shower!


"See these eyes so green
I can stare for a thousand years
Colder than the moon.." David Bowie

But this time, it's easier than the milk thing from 'Snow White and the Huntsman' (2012) >> you just need to throw some ice cubes in the bath tub ❄️❄️❄️ 

But there's one problem.. you gotta love have shower with cold water - suits for the brazilian summer!

After a stressful week, our body deserves special care >> time to relax ✨✨

You can use the ice for your drinks too - it's almost like a sustainable bath :)

After & ready (to Kill)

Thinking about trying it tonight..
And you? Any  unusual beauty routine?
I'd love to know about it!
Happy Friday, dears!!