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Hey Girl!

It's Ryan Gosling birthday today!!

Plus, last week I watched ‘Blade Runner 2049’ by Denis Villeneuve and I have to say - the movie exceeded my expectations.. (You know, I'm a 'Blade Runner' fan). So, let's share some love to celebrate the actor, shall we?

The nice guy 

The Goz always plays the nice guy, even when he's a replicant, he's faithful to his virtual girlfriend and - even with the entire feminine cast making moves on him, he doesn't cheat on her.

Can I have it, please?

Well, at least on your computer - yes, you can have it! Have you heard about the "HEY GIRL" app??

It's a Google Chrome extension that changes all the photos from any and every website and page you're on to a Ryan Gosling's pic 😮😮😮 

love it? get the extension here!

Before I go, a memoir from my NYC travel diaries > the Wi-Fi password that everybody wants.. haha..

Hey girl, have a sweet Sunday night,