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NYFW SS24 Highlights 3/3

Finally, the last post of the NYFW SS24 highlights. If you checked all 3 you must have noticed a similarity between the brands and collections I've chosen to share here - these choices are based on my own personal style and qualities I look for when it comes to fashion: classic, elegant and sophisticated designs.  
As temperatures get higher every day (hello, climate change is real!), the challenge is to keep elegant and sophisticated no matter how damn hot it is outside and I believe these designers have succeeded on that mission creating not just stunning but also functional and light pieces.

NYFW SS24 Highlights 2/3

Continuing our ode to the NY Spring Summer 2024 fashion season... I'm bringing you some of my choices: designers, looks and accessory details. And as I've mentioning before, one thing I love about New York Fashion Week - and probably a reason why it's becoming my favorite fashion week of them all - is the way designers use the city to tell their collection' stories, it could be as the background or set design (See here Michael Kors runway at the Domino Park, for example) or as prints on the actual clothes and accessories (check 3.1 Phillip Lim below). 

NYFW SS24 Highlights 1/3

New York Fashion Week started in full speed and I'm so excited to watch this season's shows! I remember I was just a little girl when I watched the first fashion shows on tv, just me and a piece of paper to write down everything interesting that would happen in those catwalks. I'd wait for the end of a show when reporters would go backstage to talk with the designers and then they had an hour-long conversation with fashion editors. I love seeing those characters wearing different clothes and colored hair styles, kind of translating the designers concept into must-follow fashion trends for the next season. "That's a cool job!" I thought and so little I knew how hard it would be to get one for me! Haha.. I mean, after studying fashion and journalism and being writing about the subject for more than 10 years now, yes, I consider myself a Fashion Editor, but still - no paid articles so far :/ It's what I've said here before.. a job for dreamers.
Anyway, see below some of my favorite Spring/ Summer collections presented on the first 2 days of the NYFW. I hope you love it!