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So.. the new 'Dune' movie trailer was launched yesterday and I have one word for you: wow!

The new movie (with release date for December 18 - crossing fingers), directed by 'Blade Runner 2049' filmmaker Denis Villeneuve is based on the 1965 science fiction novel written by American author Frank Herbert.

And as a sci-fi fan, I couldn't be more happy about it.. I read the book and I loved it. I watched the 1984 movie version and I loved it. And I loved the fact that George Lucas was inspired (and for my opinion, totally based on the story) by it to create 'Star Wars'

The journey of the hero: Timothée Chalamet is Paul Atreides, a child of privilege raised by a powerful family, but not one strong enough to protect him from the dangers that await.

Images from the movie, which also has Zendaya, Oscar Issac, Jason Momoa, Javier Barden (and other super Hollywood stars) in the cast.

To watch now:

If it couldn't get any better, the music of the film was composed by the great Hans Zimmer!! "Dune is one of my favourite books from my teenage years and I love Denis Villeneuve, obviously. I never saw the original (David Lynch) Dune movie, so I’m coming at this in a fresh way, just from the book." He said in a interview to The Paylist website.

To read now:

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If you like audiobooks, this is my gift for you: you can get the 'Dune' for free when you have Audible on Amazon Prime.. plus!! The first 30 days are free too! No excuses now, just click and have a good trip into the world of Arrakis ❤︎

And watch later:

'Dune' (1984) by David Lynch - available on Amazon Prime

Hope you guys have a great time discovering  'Dune'.. 
come back here to tell me your thoughts about it, ok?

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