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Décor Rouge

Hey lovelies, it's Valentine's Week and we're totally inspired by the romantic date... Celebrating a little bit different this time: incorporating the color of passion to our home decor. Interested and curious? Come take a look in some ideas and tips on how to do it yourself.

"Designer Bruce Bierman turned a onetime Manhattan athletic club into a color-rich apartment. Lacquered bookshelves make a dramatic statement in the all-red library." 
AD mag

Marble Love

Red can be daring and bold. The color commands attention and there are endless ways to use this warm shade to create a mood - in contemporary, traditional or rustic spaces. Depending on the shade and context, a touch of red can warm up and make your decoration timeless.

curvy sofa is a statement furniture piece itself... imagine it in red! 


"When looking to decorate with red consider a variety of shades, from softer choices like Picture Gallery Red to more flamboyant options like Red Obsession.Using several shades will give your room a sense of depth and variety, which won’t make your space visually overwhelming." Décor Mag


Continuing with the 'one statement piece' idea, why not try it in the bedroom? Specially when it's all filled with neutral tones like this above. Adding red furniture (a headboard, a dresser or a bench) is certainly a win case.
Hint: Purple-red shades can make a space feel more intimate and quiet.


You know we love a red carpet moment, right? Warm up the floor and define your living room space with a red rug. Just remember, if you choose to do it, then keep your furniture neutral with patterned accent pillows and colored accessories around the room.


Because of its ability to stimulate our appetites and conversation, red is a natural choice for the dining room. Patricia Palermo

Statement red dining chairs: talking about designing an interior full of style... Look how the dark shade of red is a great way to create a connection between beiges and greys here.


Love for Lunch

And for breakfast and dinner... It is said that the best color for presenting food is white, but who can resist this beautiful set from Dior Maison collection?


Personally, I prefer betting in small colored objects. I used to have a red wall, that is now a black wall - and already thinking about renewing it again. So, if you like to change your home a lot like me or is on a minimalistic phase, a cute candle, a beautiful coffee table book or a cozy wool throw would be the right choice of red for you. 


Hope you love it!
Happy Valentine's Day!!