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Senta lá, Cláudia! (III)

As 3rd part of our series: "Senta lá, Cláudia!" today we're talking about curvy sofas here on the blog. Not a new trend but definitely one to follow. Why? Well, let's go straight to the point: a curved sectional sofa not only creates an intimate gathering place but also defines the look of your home: full of style!

Feminine lines and colors. Completely in love with fashion photographer' Nima Benati home in Italy.

Also known as conversational and crescent, the curved sofa is the perfect acquisition and a statement piece to renovate your space or to your new home project - just in time for the new year. 


Not so sure yet? We have some tips to help you decorate it and incorporate the furniture in your space:

  • Curved sofas look better when styled away from the walls. Prefer to position it in the middle of the room, so their curves are full exposed;

  • You can place it facing the TV or fireplace and finish the decor look using a couple of accent chairs on either side;

  • To complement the decor: a round or oval shape coffee table;

  • For larger spaces, you can use 2 sofas. Try placing them facing each other in the center of the room and look how amazing it's going to look!


* Photos from Pinterest and IG