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Theriz Interviews: Eva Espresso

Londres, Reino Unido

I'm beyond exiced to share with you guys our first interview of the year... You know how much I love fashion shows and for how long I've been following fashion weeks from all over the world - even before social media and internet, right? So, it's a pleasure to introduce to you London based celebrity and events photographer: Eva Espresso!

photo credit: Eva Espresso

1. Hi Eva! It’s an honor to have you here with us… Could you please tell us a little bit about you and your education as a photographer, please?

Hey!! So as a photographer I am self taught believe it or not! I have studied rather a lot though but it was all unrelated - I hold a degree & masters in Economics. My father bought me a camera for my birthday when I turned 24. I took one photo & became entirely obsessed!!!! I don’t think I put it down except to sleep. It was pure passion & determination that led to me learn how to take photographs. 

2. We love fashion events photography, I’m always sharing here on the blog - from FW’s street style to the after parties… How it all started for you? Did you always wanted to be a street style photographer and cover some of the most glamorous events in the fashion world or it happened totally unexpected? Did you have help tin the beginning, a mentor, an inspiration?

This was totally unexpected!!! My work has mostly been in fitness, photographing sports personalities for Equinox etc. I was in Paris by accident at the same time as a Chanel haute couture show! My friend insisted I go outside Grand Palais to try take some street style photos. I was unsure & scared but she told me I’d get the hang of it .... and I suppose she was right ! 

photo credit: Eva Espresso

3. Now, it’s impossible not to talk about 2020 and the pandemic situation that took all of us by surprise.. please, could you tell us if and/or how Covid-19 affected your life and work? You're famous for covering events like Fashion Weeks and most of them had to be postponed or happened virtually etc, how was it for you? 

Of course 2020 was devastating for the most part. Though I must say January & February 2020 were the best two months of my career!!! But when it all stopped so suddenly it was unspeakably difficult. I eventually shifted to try my creativity in photographing jewellery in studio settings - which is something I’ve always been passionate about! In the middle of lockdown FabergĂ© contacted me to do some social media campaign images for them (from home) and looking back at 2020 this was my peak!! 

“Eva has such enthusiasm for photography and this really shows in her beautiful content. Eva was a great help to us during the COVID-19 lockdown when we were unable to produce any social media content ourselves and we have have been impressed with the outcome!" - FabergĂ©

4. Speaking of fashion weeks, do believe it could be the end for fashion shows as we used to know them? No more physical presences/ guests, less shows and a more flexible calendar…

I find it almost impossible to plan for the month ahead at the moment ... let alone try to envision the future! But I think all of us are eager to get back together out on the streets & inside shows when it’s safe to do so. I would compare digital fashion weeks to watching a play or opera on Netflix - instead of attending in person. Fashion weeks in themselves are form of art.

5. Do you remember your first Fashion Week or Fashion Show? Was it in London? Something curious that happened - were you nervous?

Oh I remember so well! I had been outside 3 shows in Paris in the month before (for couture week) but my first full fashion week (ready-to-wear) was in Milan! Pedro Sales from Vogue Brazil encouraged me & told me to come to Milan - that he would be there too & I wouldn’t be alone. So I got on the next flight. The excitement, the fear, the adrenaline ... I’ve never felt so high! There was no going back after that! 

photo credit: Eva Espresso

6. How many years since them? Do you have a favorite person/ personality you love to photography on every season? Someone you love to shoot on fashion weeks.. and someone you have always admired and had the chance to meet because of your work.

I think many people think I’ve been around a lot longer than I have!!!! I’ve been running around with the circuit since the start of 2019! There will always be incredible celebrities like J Balvin, Eva Longoria & Gigi Hadid etc !! This will always be exciting. But my favourite people to photograph, in no particular order - are Johannes Huebl, Pedro Sales, Alex Riviere, Carlo Sestini, Olivia Palermo & Leonie Hanne. These are all people who have helped me forward & without whom I wouldn’t have gotten ahead quite as quickly. 

7. Have you ever felt intimidated by anyone in these events? How do you get them to stop for you? Or you prefer shooting when they’re not looking? Is it an easy approach? Any tips for other event photographers who are starting?

I’ve always felt I have more in common with guests than other photographers, but I’m still nervous when it comes to taking “the shot”. My favourite thing to do is taking photos when no one is looking!! I feel it’s more organic & I get to capture moments that people wish they could remember. My advice to other photographers would be - remember the person you are photographing is just as nervous as you are in their own way! Just speak to them ... whoever they are ... like you would to your friend! That’s the best way forward. 

photo credit: Eva Espresso

8. Do you have a camera you’re always caring around wherever you go? Which one is the perfect to shoot a street style look and which one is the best for a night event in your opinion?

Ah at last!! An easy question! I use two camera set ups. A Leica Q + flash for events !! And a canon 1DX mark II with a 200MM 2.0 prime lens for street style. I’ve never owned a zoom lens ... which is perhaps a little old fashioned! 

9. Any job you’re very proud about? I saw you had your work exposed in London’s tube stations a few years ago.. that’s awesome! Could you tell us something about it? How was your reaction when you saw it?

Oh that was quite something !! A campaign for a members only fitness club in London that ended up being in 3 different high traffic tube stations in London. I’m still not sure it was real!!!! 

photo credit: Eva Espresso

10. To finish, it’s finally 2021! New year, new beginnings, new vaccines and the hope for a cure… sounds optimistic, right? Do you have a exciting future work you could tell us about or is it someone/ some brand you’d love to work with this year?

Well.. 2021 is a year that I hope will see the return of events. What I enjoy & miss the most is the summer season of endless cocktail parties !!!! I so hope that 2021 will bring with it a cocktail season that’ll make up for the one we lost in 2020. I know my friends at Cartier are planning great things for this summer!!

photo credit: Eva Espresso

Well, we can’t hardly wait to see what’s coming next, Eva! Thanks again very much… Hope you guys liked the interview. Thoughts? For more stunning fashion photos, please visit Eva Espresso's IG @eva.espresso and website here

A lovely weekend to you!