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The Great Escape

Mangaratiba - RJ, Brasil
Traveling with safety during pandemic times to the only place possible: a deserte beach. 
An uncontrollable desire to escape took us to this hidden paradise in Rio. It wasn't summer yet but who cares... After all the craziness that happened since the beginning of 2020, all we needed was a dip in salt waters! Plus, a hotel with a private beach? Yes, please. 

Sharing some pics from our travel diary ☀️

Always choosing the classics

For the skin:

Sky above, sand below, peace within
(Impossible not to feel blessed and grateful looking at this... nature is flawless)

Beach essentials:

  • 1 swimming suit
  • 10 pair of sunglasses

Beach playlist:

  • Lana Del Rey - Born to Die - The Paradise Edition

Cosmos & Havaianas

Taking in the Vitamin Sea

And the other vitamins too

coffee with a (paradise) view


my bedroom's view

This is a clichĂȘ but totally true: "life is better at the beach"... can't wait to go back.
Hope you like it! xx