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Theriz 🖤 Rocky | A Philly tour (part 1)

Filadélfia, PA, EUA

Special #TBT here on the blog today.. I will start sharing my Philadelphia travel diary with you, in honor to the new 'Creed 2' movie trailer launched yesterday :) Have you watched yet? Any thoughts? I love it, can't wait to see the film that's going to the theaters on this Thanksgiving (November 30)! 

Look Adrian, I did it!

That was the feeling, after climbing those stairs or "Rocky steps" as they kindly call it there in Philly. And it was the first place I visit, the moment I got in the city - I've been waiting for it for so long.. I always cry with the 'gonna fly now' Rocky training scenes. He's my hero and I'm always talking about him here on the blog, including the day I met Sly in London 🖤

And at the top of the stairs is The Philadelphia Museum of Art: a landmark building with a world-renowned collection including The world’s largest and most important collection of works by Marcel Duchamp.
The Museum began as a legacy of the great Centennial Exhibition of 1876, held in Fairmount Park. At the conclusion of the celebrations, Memorial Hall--which had been constructed as the Exhibition's art gallery-- remained open as the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art "for the improvement and enjoyment of the people of the Commonwealth".

Under construction but still looking good.. the building was going through some renovations and unfortunately I couldn't get inside. Maybe I could use it as an excuse to go back and visit Philadelphia some other time :)

Outside of the museum: this beautiful public space 

The view of the city from the top is wonderful, I fell in love with Philly by the moment I got there.. the Architecture and the Urban landscapes are so well designed that made me want to live there forever!

In the middle of so many historically and politically important people there it is - the Rocky statue!

In the movie Rocky III (1982), a massive statue of Philadelphia fighter Rocky Balboa, arms raised in triumph, is unveiled in the courtyard of the Museum of Art. The statue was presented to the City of Philadelphia by Sly in 1982 and it remains there, attracting tourists and movie lovers like me making queues to take a photo by its side.

Happy and proud of myself.. is there any other feeling better than that?

To be continued.. Stay tuned ;)