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Hello dears!! Happy Friday!
Are you excited for the weekend?
Well.. the weather report here is saying that we're having some cold and rainy days around NYC until next week, so I'm thinking about movies & popcorn!!

And my 1st movie tip for you couldn't be different.. "Brooklyn" (2015), by John Crowley. A story of a irish girl who leaves home to live in NYC >> more specifically, Brooklyn!

It gave Saoirse Ronan an Oscar's nomination for Best Actress's Performance and it was nominated for Best Movie too.

She has a home, a job and she goes to school... but there's that homesick feeling that makes her cry every single day!

Suddenly something unexpected happens, of course! We are talking about New York and like I said here before, the city is unpredictable and cinematic!

She finds her place... a new home!

Now she needs to decide between her old home and her new home...

Are you in?

The music is cute too ♡

Beijos from Brooklyn!


Unknown said…
Beijos de Bicas!!!
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