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Brooklyn, NY, EUA

NYC, September 29, 2016

Mais uma da série, realizando um sonho em Nova York..

So... when we met I told him I was in NY to try a career change, from Architecture to Fashion, and in the same day we just run into this good old friend of him (at Soho House!) which is a big and famous fashion stylist here! Coincidence or destiny? 
I asked him to connect us and some months later, I'm proud to share our first work together.. I mean, my first work as her assistant :)

Maybe I had a little help from the stars, like I said here before.. "I believe in the power of thinking, I believe that when you really want something you send an energy that can attracts it. And the whole universe conspires in your favor."

the theme was 'navy' style = sailor hats & stripes + a touch of rock glam that made all the difference!

backstage photos from my iPhone

In The Navy

Photography: Sarah Kehoe
Styling: Elise Wilson
Hair: Carmel Bianco
Make up: Sarah Appleby

Ida Dyberg
Tscheca White
Carolina Verbova

The Statue of Liberty as the Backgroud.. and the location:

Red Hook Winery - it worth a visit!

got me like... maresia feelings!

"Ah, se eu fosse marinheiro
Era eu quem tinha partido
Mas meu coração ligeiro
Não se teria partido.."

Uma foto publicada por Sarah Kehoe Photography (@sarahkehoe) em

Uma foto publicada por Sarah Kehoe Photography (@sarahkehoe) em



Theriz said…
Thank you Taurie!!
I'm planning a blog post about our photoshoot too :))