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Is It Possible to Bring Your Old House Back to Life?

While “new house smell” isn’t something that exists, there is this feeling of being in a new house. It just feels fresh, it feels clean, and there’s something alluring about something that’s new. You can decorate it in all rouge, or however you’d like, it’s marvelous! It’s like you’re the one who gets to create the first set of memories in it. In a way, it’s like a car; it’s all new, so you’re the one who gets to “start things off.”

Does that mean there’s anything wrong with older houses? Of course not! They have so much charm and character; it’s technically cheaper and more eco-friendly to have one of these instead.

In general, owning an older home comes with a unique charm and character, but it also presents an opportunity for renewal and transformation if you're looking to breathe new life into your old house. 

Season 1 - Episode 11: Carrie Bradshaw painting her Manhattan's apartment. 

Sometimes, having that fresh new feeling, like starting new, is needed, and even when it comes to your house, you can make it happen. It technically can be as easy as decorating your living room or the rest of your house. But if you want to, you can even go beyond that. So, is it possible to bring an old house to life and make it feel sparkling new? You betcha! So, with that said, here’s how to do that!

Start with a Deep Clean

Before diving into renovations and decor, start by giving your home a thorough cleaning. It’s usually just the basic advice you see everywhere, so just go ahead and clear out clutter, scrub away years of grime, and consider professional services for deep cleaning carpets and upholstery. Overall, a clean slate is the perfect foundation for any revitalization project.

Take a Good Look at Your Flooring

There might be a chance that you’ll either have to refinish your floor or replace it altogether. This is something that is almost never looked into! Usually, you can opt for a floor recoating, as this is going to be drastically cheaper for you to do. So, with that said, old, worn-out flooring can significantly impact the overall appearance of your home. It’s ideal to just consider refinishing hardwood floors for a classic touch or explore modern, durable flooring options like luxury vinyl (like Smart Tiles) or laminate. Plus, area rugs can add warmth and style to any space (especially if you lack the finances to change your flooring). 

Take a Look at the Colors

One of the quickest ways to transform the look and feel of your home is by updating the color scheme. A lot of old houses tend to have the same colors right from when they were constructed. Older houses tend to have dark flooring, dark cabinets, and outdated walls (like old wallpaper). So you’ll need to just choose a fresh, modern palette that complements your style. Neutral tones like soft grays, warm whites, and muted pastels can create a timeless and sophisticated atmosphere.

Are Your Fixtures Outdated? 

Something that’s super simple and easy would be just swapping outdated fixtures and hardware throughout your home. So, just go ahead and start upgrading doorknobs, faucets, light fixtures, and cabinet pulls to contemporary designs that can instantly modernize your space. Plus, you should definitely consider sleek and streamlined options for a cohesive look. However, you should still try to keep some of the unique characteristics your home has! So don’t remove everything! 

Are You Able to Make Open Spaces?

For the most part, older homes may have compartmentalized layouts that feel closed off. Usually, older mansions are more open, but that’s about it. So, it might be best to consider opening up spaces by removing non-load-bearing walls or creating archways. An open floor plan can create a sense of flow and spaciousness, making your home feel more inviting and current.

Look Into Adding Smart Technology 

If you really want to bring your old house into the 21st century, then it’s all going to start by incorporating smart technology. Here in 2024, it’s not just a luxury- to a degree, it’s kind of crucial. So, you should take a look into upgrading your thermostat, lighting, and security systems to smart, energy-efficient alternatives. 

Why all of this? Isn’t it just a waste of money and over-hyped? Well, far from it! This not only enhances convenience but also adds a modern touch to your home. Besides, if you want to be energy efficient, then you definitely need this. 

Rearrange What’s On Your Walls

It’s going to help if you go ahead and choose one wall in a room to be a focal point. Why do this? Well, this is a cheap way to help make the home feel new. It’s like rearranging furniture, but it’s the walls instead (well, what’s on the walls). So this could be achieved through a bold paint color, wallpaper, or a gallery of framed artwork. A statement wall and just general changes to it can add some personality and visual interest without overwhelming the entire space.

Make Sure It’s Tailored to Your Style

Finally, infuse your personality into your home. You should really display meaningful artwork, incorporate cherished heirlooms, and choose decor that reflects your style. Whatever it is, make sure it screams who you are! A home that feels personal is a home that feels truly revitalized. But that doesn’t mean you should ditch your old furniture and belongings; just rearrange them, maybe upcycle them, or even do some sort of DIY project on them. 

Preserve Some Features

It was already said, but honestly, this is so important, and if you skip this, you’ll probably neglect it later on. You should really just embrace and highlight the unique architectural features of your older home. Why not just refurbish and restore elements like crown molding, wainscoting, or original hardwood floors? 

Why even do this? Well, preserving these features not only maintains the character of your home but also adds a touch of timeless elegance. Again, creating a new home doesn’t mean it needs to look cookie-cutter; it doesn’t, and it shouldn’t. Use what you have, highlight it, and embrace it; this is what makes your house what it is! You have something millions wish their home had.