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Cillian Sea Eyes Murphy

Ok so, the movie is over and people started to rise up and walk in front of me leaving the cinema blocking my vision to the big screen - I actually like to read the credits while I listen to the end music and absorb everything I've just watched. The film was the new Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer'. I went to the theaters a couple of days after watching 'Barbie' (as the internet told us to do) so it was like being thrown cold water in the face. I guess I felt like the actual Barbie when she visits the real world and discovers it was only ruled by men, and then she comes back to Barbie Land and sees that Ken tried to do the same thing there - I just wanted to lie down and cry. All those men creating a bomb that could destroy our world? They knew it and they did it anyway? How far can ego and stupidity take us? It wasn't a post-apocalypse sci-fi I like to watch, it was a true story. I didn't sleep that night. 

Anyway, as we walk out of the cinema, my mother starts asking about the leading actor of the film "who is he? He's really good! I think he's on a Netflix series, have you seen it?" Yes, she was talking about Cillian Murphy and no, I haven't watched that series: "Peaky Blinders, right? Isn't it too violent?" 
One week later I was on our living room' couch next to my mom watching that series and two weeks later I've already had finished the 6 seasons - I believe I've got the Thomas Shelby fever and I could say to you I've got obsessed with the story, the incredible cast, the direction, the music, the set design, the costumes... when we all know it was only about those sea eyes, right girls??
It's amazing how great cinema and Tv shows are able to produce these different characters capable of bringing out all kinds of feelings - I've watched that same blue eyes a lot of times before as in the annoying cop from 'In Time' (2011) or in the Nolan's Batman Trilogy as the twisted Dr. Crane... Well, I won't share a Cillian's movie list today since I haven't watched all of his cinematography work yet, but I will leave you in good company. Here's a stylish version of the Irish actor/ producer/ musician on this  Rolling Stone UK magazine cover story, you're welcome!

Top by Mr. P at Mr Porter

Suit by Erdem, shirt by Dior, Shoes by Jimmy Choo, socks by Falke

Full look by Saint Laurent, shoes by Gucci

Jacket by Berluti, roll-neck by Anest Collective

Photography: Kosmas Pavlos
Creative & Styling: Joseph Kocharian
Hair & Makeup: Gareth Bromell
Digital imagery: Dienachbarin
Photography Assistant: Luke Johnson
Fashion Assistant: Aaron Pandher

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