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Hi Barbie! Your Film Review is here

And suddenly, the world got pink. You may have noticed, everywhere we look, we see people wearing pink clothes... Women, men, children, not only at the doors of (crowded) theaters, but actually all over the streets - as if the #barbiecore trend was having a come back (I think it never left, in fact) with total force. 
My attention was drawn by the fact that store showcases (not just fashion related, but different types of shops, from technology to home decoration) were turned into pink as well - featuring pink products up front as a special date decor like they do on Valentine's Day or Christmas - everything got pink in honor of the launch of a movie about a doll!

My father used to say to me "this girl thinks she's still playing with Barbies", not as a compliment but as a criticism of my work and professional decisions. As a good and well educated daughter, I never answered or started an argument with him, because he barely knew that yes - I'm still playing Barbies today... When I'm creating decoration projects and designing houses for my clients, yes, they are my Barbies, or when I'm working on a fashion editorial, yes, the models are my Barbies, and when I'm producing content for the blog and IG, yes, I'm the actual Barbie!

How did a simple doll define not only my personality, but marked the life of an entire generation - influencing our choices and lifestyle? How is this same doll beating records bringing crows to theaters worldwide? How one small doll is painting the entire planet pink? This is a mystery that I can't answer, I've watched the Barbie film (and I'm going to watch it again) for affective reasons and believing that yes, no matter what people talk about Barbie (if it's feminist, if it encourages consumerism, if it creates an intangible standard of beauty...), much of my ability to imagine and create was developed while I played with Barbie when I was a little girl. I owe this blog to that doll.

Well, after everything I've said, you must agree with me that I'm not the best person to tell you whether or not you should go watch 'Barbie', right?! Summig up, the film is pure entertainment. A very light and delightful comedy about a "person" who discovers that there is a whole new world beyond the pink plastic one she has always known and lived in. The set design is a Barbie lovers paradise, the designers studied a vintage Barbie Dreamhouse and and used painted backdrops - not CGI. The soundtrack is upbeat and fun, the acting is flawless, (you know Margot Robbie is one of my favorite actresses, and Ryan Gosling - also one of my favorite actors). What to sat about the direction? Greta Gerwig is just getting started and she's  already one of my favorite directors... The costumes are beautiful, stylish and playful (when inspired by the Mattel doll's actual clothes) with a special upgrade of vintage Chanel looks worn by Margot.

And speaking of Margot Robbie again, she delivers all of her charisma and turns her character into a totally relatable figure - I bet you've seen the funny memes all over the internet...

Welcome to Barbie Land

Barbie Dream Closet

Chanel's creative director Virginie Viard made custom looks for Margot Robbie's life-size doll (and Ken too).

Favorite look: the pink jumpsuit

That's all for now guys.. I hope you like it and go watch the film!
Let me know your thoughts when you do 💕