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Cheers to us, dreamers!

2023 started like a dream, I spent New Year's Eve in Porto, than I went to Lisbon and than to Paris.. In February I traveled to Orlando and than attend to my first NYFW show as a guest. On May 6, I lost my father and the dream became a nightmare. After almost 2 years battling cancer, he left this world leaving me, my mother and my sister heartbroken. It seems I'm living on automatic pilot mode since then, I'm just reacting to life these past months and I just don't care about anything... I care about my blog though - this blog is more than just a working tool, it's a escape and a safe place where I can share my thoughts and my dreams with you - now for 14 years! On August, 2009 I published my first post here and I feel like this milestone needed to be celebrated. 

Cheers! To me, to you and to our dreams! 🥂

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Thank you for your support all this time.