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The only trend I'll be wearing this Summer

As our old friend Steve Tyler would say: "Pink, it's my new obsession!" and I don't care if it's a new trend or not, as another friend, editor in chief of Quality magazine, Maggie Prescott* would remind us, the color is a classic: "Think pink! Think pink! When you shop for summer clothes... Think pink! Forget that Dior says black and rust. Think pink! Who cares if the new look has no bust.." 
From 'Funny Face' to the 80s dearest 'Pretty in Pink', the references are endless + lot of influencers on social media wearing everything Pink, but if you still need a little help to incorporate the color to your wardrobe, here are the 3 Pink essential pieces of clothes everyone must have. 

The Pink Oversized Blazer

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The Pink Dress

"Think Pink! If you want that quel-que chose." Funny Face, 1957

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The Pink Shirt

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Either you're working from home or need a date night outfit, trust me - Pink is all you want to wear this season. In vibrant or millennial shades, minimalistic or bold designs, the color makes the look fresh and joyful, and we all could use a little bit of that right now, don't you think? 

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