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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Our modern calendar is filled with special dates that remember us to celebrate the best people in our lives, because although we know how important it is to enjoy every moment next to those we love, life can get busy and sometimes we just forget. Also, a kind word and a loving gesture are always the best way to show appreciation and affection, but a meaningful gift is welcome as well!

This is the first year I'm sharing the Mother's Day gift guide here on the blog (about time, right?) and I need to make it clear, I don't create these guides to encourage an extravagant consumption way of life, it's just that I love giving presents for those who are dearest to me and I know exactly how hard it is to find the perfect one to gift. Especially when it comes to mothers... I don't know about you, but my mother is the most picky person! She tells me in my face when she doesn't like the gift, can you believe it? Sometimes with the exact words, sometimes with a desperate laugh or sometimes with a sarcastic comment... hahah... drama, drama, drama!

Anyway, thinking about that I've selected only the gifts my mom would love to receive on this special date and if she likes them, please, rest assured that yours will too! Check out our list below:

Silk & Salt

Silk & Salt motto is that every woman deserves comfortable luxury clothing. Effortlessly timeless & trendy, the brand aims to create revolutionary designs that honor the needs of the modern woman with special emphasis on the history of fashion - definitely a great gift to yourself or for someone you love. Click here to shop and use my code THERIZ20 for $20% off.

Replica Home Fragrances

Maison Margiela’s first fragrance collection, REPLICA, was introduced in 2012 and remains an iconic best seller today with scents that resonate with everyone’s imagination. Irreverent names such as Lazy Sunday Morning and Beach Walk, re-transcribe the scents of our collective memory.
REPLICA home scenting collection invites us to diffuse or reignite our favorite memories at home.  The scented candles are genuine decorative objects to reignite your memories at home, while the diffusers release scents your memories are made of, and recall forgotten sensations and emotions to create memorable atmospheres. Click here to shop.

Lezé the label

Pronounced LEH-ZAY; ‘lazy’ but fancy]: Exercise career diversity through flexible workwear for the modern working woman. At Lezé you will find comfortable work pants, sweaters and dresses, combined with pajama-inspired feelings and nature’s functional resources to positively disrupt the future of sustainable fashion.
The perfect hybrid of pajama feels and polished structure so your mom can get things done — comfortably. And the best part, all sustainably made in functional fishing net fabric that feels like clouds: less fishing nets in the ocean, more pajamas in disguise. Lezé uses regenerated nylon sourced from discarded fishing gear in the ocean to save marine animals and help reduce crude oil and CO2 emissions. Click here to shop and use my code THEREZA-15 for a 15% off discount.

Intelligent Change

Give the recharging gift of me-time to those who nurtured us, believed in us, and taught us the power of love and resilience. Research has shown that mothers often experience high levels of stress due to daily responsibilities and demands. Help her create empowering new habits and routines that will uplift her spirit and enrich her daily life. 
Because a happy, fulfilled mom is the greatest gift we can give to those who gave us so much, right?
Click here to discover the highest-rated and life-changing products that have helped millions of lives change for the better. Browse the Intelligent Change bestsellers that help us practice gratitude, cultivate mindfulness, transform our productivity, and strengthen relationships. Use my code THEREZA10 for a 10% off discount.


Established in New York, SINBONO mission is to empower fashion lovers to make responsible, sustainable choices when shopping for must-have accessories that complement every look. Well-known for its trendy and chic designs, the accessories are inspired by high fashion and pay close attention to the smallest details. 
As a sustainable brand, SINBONO uses recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fruit leathers to create their signature range of vegan bags. Click here to shop the stylish, minimalist designs that have a place in every wardrobe and I'm sure your mother will love it! Use my code THERIZ for a 26% off entire order.


Minimalist and refined, the classic design with interchangeable straps of the Daniel Wellington watches really has a wide appeal. Their leather straps are crafted from genuine Italian calf leather and are available in a range of elegant shades of brown and black, with a silver or rose gold plated brace.
For this Mother's Day, when you buy one watch you get a strap for free. Plus! You can use my code DWBBTHERIZ0823 at checkout to get 15% off your entire purchase. (code valid until May 11)


Celebrate Mom's beauty with timeless Italian skincare rituals. Founded and slow-crafted in Italy, SKIN&CO Roma is an advanced botanical skincare and body care brand offering natural products harnessing the remarkable antioxidant properties of the Black Winter Truffle, harvested under the most exacting conditions. 
The modern, artisanal and clinically-tested formulas offer visible results for a simple, balanced & healthy skin-routine. Click here to discover more and use my code THERIZ___ to get 20% off your entire order!

Enjoy your time with your mom, watch a movie together!