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Protect your Eyes & Look Cute: Blue-Light Glasses

Do you wear blue light blocking glasses? It took me a while to try them and now I can't live without. I mean, working as a blogger, content creator and editor I'm almost 24 hours in front of a screen (computer and phone) and by the end of the day I feel like my eyes are begging for a relieve.

According to the Vision Council, almost 60% of American adults feel some kind of symptom of digital eye strain and since it's impossible to stay away from our computers, these special lenses glasses are welcome to help us to reduce symptoms of eye strain.

Did you know? Blue light glasses protect your vision, reduce eye strain and help regulate circadian rhythms.

Blue-light blocking glasses are an excellent affordable solution to help your eyes stay more comfortable throughout the work day and beyond, but they don't have to be ugly - there are a lot of cute and stylish designs to chose from. Take a look at our selection below and get yours too.


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