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What the World needs right now? A 90's Dance Floor

Malibu, CA, EUA
 ... and black (vegan) leather!

It is unbelievable and inconceivable that after almost two years of a pandemic (which is not over yet) we have to live in a world at war. Unfortunately that's what is happening today... but I don't have enough background and knowledge on the subject to talk about it with you here. What I can try to do is bring some joy and optimism, so I've created a playlist on youtube (that's only what I use my channel for) with hits from the 90's totally inspired by the new Hulu Original Series: 'Pam & Tommy' (Based on the true story of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape, stolen from the couple’s home by a contractor in 1997).

I was almost a teenager at the time, when that uncomfortable situation happened and don't remember that, but I remember very well of the upbeat music and of course, Pamela Anderson (beautifully played in the series by British actress Lily James). I also remember watching Baywatch (in Brazil, we called it 'SOS Malibu') and loved it. At that time every girl wanted to be like Pamela and every boy wanted to be with Pamela.

Pamela Anderson at the Cannes Film Festival in 1995

And since fall is coming and A/W fashion shows are happening all over the world bringing all sorts of trends, Pam's outfit choices have a lot to offer and inspire us. The actress used to wear a lot of leather pieces (some of them became iconic, such as her 'Barb Wire' movie costumes)... Black leather was definitely a 90's thing - I must remind you: the first 'Matrix' was released in 1999! - and it's making a strong comeback together with Pamela, the actress has just confirmed that she would be telling her own story in a forthcoming Netflix documentary. 

Click to listen (and dance!)

The real Pam & Tommy 

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Hope you like it!

Be safe!!