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Weather Report: Winter is going to be Hot (and colorful!)

Autumn/Winter 2022 season got me like… So. Many. Fashion. Shows. Wow! Creativity doesn’t have a limit, does it? No matter how many collections I’ve seen before, I’m always surprised when I watch a fashion show and always feel amazed by how designers are able to make clothes look new and fresh again. 
Although each and every brand has its own concept and delivers unique fashion pieces, following the most important and biggest Ready-To-Wear runaways from MFW, LFW, NYFW and PFW I could recognize one similar pattern that got my attention so I needed to share here, but I can assure you, next season will be anything but boring!

From corset tops to micro dresses, pantsuits, long skirts and boxy jackets. Colorful collections were presented and a specific one was noticed on repeat in almost every catwalk: RED. From occasional bursts of red in black and white Ralph Lauren elegant evening at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and small delicate details in Fendi's sheer, lingerie dresses to monochromatic looks as in Versace, Moschino, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney... Even in Chanel's classic tweed, red is there! 

Check our selection below and tell me, will red be the new color trend this winter? 






Dolce & Gabbana



Louis Vuitton

Alexander McQueen

Stella McCartney

Ralph Lauren

Carolina Herrera 

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