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Fantastic Beasts

Paris, França
... and where to find them. No, I'm not talking about a J. K. Rowling story. I'm talking about the fabulous Spring 2021 Iris van Herpen's Haute Couture collection, presented in Paris last January.

All the couture collections this season, in fact, were very special. Despite the virtual presentations and the pandemic situation, it was noticeable the amazing work of everyone involved. But Van Herpen's felt different (unique) and the show gave me chills from the beginning to the very last screen credit. 

The music and the set design teleported me to an ethereal and poetic setting and I've got completed stunned by every little detail, from the shoes, to the beauty choices.

"Roots of Rebirth"

I've never knew how beautiful a fungi could look like... Iris van Herpen collection is a closer look at the “invisible and complex” world that surrounds us: the intricacy of fungi and the entanglement of life that breathes beneath our feet.
Here are some of my favorite (master) pieces:

When the clothes are an extension of the body...

A sequence of 21 looks inspired by roots and spores proved the obvious: artistry, craftsmanship & technical expertise, Iris is a true artist and visionary. Totally ahead of time.

And it's impossible not to relate van Herpen's work of art to two other great fashion vanguardists: British (forever missed) designer Alexander McQueen and Brazilian pioneer, Glória Coelho.  

Hats of to the Digital Scenography responsible: Misha Shyukin & Hannes Hummel | Shy Studio

A mix of structure and lightness. Floating with the floor.

See what I've told you about the shoes?

Please, watch the full show here and read the description to learn a little bit more about the splendorous fungi life and how it inspired the Dutch designer.

* Photos from Vogue.Us and 
screen prints of the show.