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Fresh Skin


Beauty talk today on the blog: I want to share my experience using Niki Newd skin care products with you. They have such an amazing concept I fell in love immediately: all of the Finnish brand products are 100% natural and made of gourmet quality active ingredients according to the same principles applied to a healthy nutrition: fresh, traceable, pure, nutritious, effective - without additives or preservatives. 

Fresh Skin... just close your eyes, smell the pure green nature perfume of the Niki Newd cosmetics and enjoy your glowing skin!

Don't you love when your new skin care products match with your home decor?

Conscious beauty: I believe something has changed in our beauty routines since the beginning of the quarantine, we’re much more aware of the importance of wellbeing and how it’s directly connect to taking care of our own bodies... am I right? 

Niki Newd knows that and understand that the needs of the skin vary according to the time of day and with the seasons. All of the products are made-to-order, which means: produce 12 batches annually, one for each month: freshly blended!

Skin care MENU: Such a great concept idea - they think in every little detail and the result is so beautiful and unique! Below, all the products I'm using right now - to chose the best ones for my skin type, I had the help of a consultant:


Beta Glucan mask 

I love a good mask and the beauty routine of applying it (I usually do it on Sundays). This one is really special: it evens skin tones and clarifies the skins appearance. It brightened my skin and made it feel so light and fresh! Must be the ingredients: pure spring water from Finnish Lapland... ❤︎

Skin Balm

This balm combines the soothing qualities of spruce sprout extract with the softening benefits of organic, cold pressed food grade olive and coconut oils, food grade shea butter and Finnish unbleached beeswax -making it a nourishing mix of nutrients for supporting healthy skin. I use it on dry skin areas and on my tattoos too.

Skin Silk Limited Edition serum

This is so cool: the Skin Silk serum contains unique olive oil from rare millennial olive trees, rooted for thousands of years in Southern Italy. The olive oil combined with nutritious Nordic berry seed oils nourish and hydrate the skin. I use it for dullness, uneven texture and loss of elasticity (yes, that "aging problem"). Skin feels light and absorbs very well.

Skin Velvet oil serum

This serum is my fav! It's a powerhouse of gourmet ingredients that contain plenty of omega -3, -6, -7 and -9 fatty acids, natural vitamin E, carotenoids, flavonoids and CoQ10 antioxidants. Only a few drops each time are enough to leave a luxuriously soft skin feel and shimmering glow. 

Oatmeal Soap 

The iconic Niki Newd cleanser is designed to super gently cleanse the skin and remove makeup. I usually use it in the evenings (before applying the serums) together with their linen washcloth for a exfoliation. 

Interested? Please, visit their website and Instagram for more info: