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It makes "scent"!

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I said it before and I will always repeat here for you: our home is an extension of ourselves, it's the place we feel safest and where we can be totally free to be who we really are. It's our heaven, our shelter and where we spend most of our time in. So why not take care of this sacred place? Specially now we're all obligated to stay inside as much as possible..   

An easy way of renewing and making it even more comfortable and cozy is using scents. Did you know home fragrances not only make your place smell good, but also spread soothing vibes that give it a truly relaxing ambiance? That's right! You can use scented candles, fragrance sticks or incense to infuse your space—and your life—with calm. And I believe this is all we need nowadays, am I right?

Can't live without this scent anymore: Velvet Rose & Oud Home Candle by Jo Malone London

It's a proven fact that a carefully selected fragrance can soothe and relax body, mind and soul. Scientists have found that certain scents, such as jasmine can direct the body to relax, working to lower your heart rate in as little as ten minutes.  

Lavender is a famous calming scent and it can help combat mild insomnia, reduce anxiety and even ease depression in certain cases. It can slow down the sympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as the stress centre so when you smell it, both your brain and body go into relaxation mode.

And another exemple is the powerful minty scent of eucalyptus, known to sharpen the senses and make us more alert. It can be a useful tool for raising our concentration level - perfect to be used at your work space or home office, right? 

From smells to decoration.. chose the right accessory for your home, breath it in and relax.

1. Scented Candles

They are my favorite! The simple act of lighting a candle and watch the flame burning is a calming ritual itself. As you focus on your breath, you are also soaking in a relaxing scent, a signal to your smell receptors to calm down. Try lighting a scented candle with a calming scent on your nightstand before bed and see how it will work wonders!

It could also be used as coffee tables accessories. The scented candles will not only make your living room look good but it will also smell good.

And, of course, the bathroom. Unwinding after a hard day out with a warm bubble bath is one of life’s great pleasures. You can even match your candle colors to the decor of your bathroom and it will be like you are having a spa day!

2. Fragrance Sticks

Smell on a stick? Yes, please! Dipped in calm and soothing fragrance the sticks absorb the perfume and start to release it little by little and continuously, filling the surrounding atmosphere and awakening pleasant sensations. Place it in your favorite space and it will keep it always smelling good and fresh. Besides, you'll have another beautiful piece of decor there. 

3. Essential Oils Diffuser

As we tend to seek for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance in our lives, using essential oils to improve the energy of our home is one of the common ways to achieve this wellness today.

The oils are aromatic molecules from plants with chemical actives that provide a feeling of well-being and there are more than 90 types of them, each with its own unique smell and potential health benefits.

An oil diffuser can be a practical tool as it takes essential oils and disperses moist mist throughout the air, keeping essential oil 100% natural without burning or heating. Plus, it will make your room smell great, keeping you relaxed and calm throughout the night.

4. Home Spray

A Home Spray can be used anywhere in your house. The scented water is great for spraying on fabrics too. When sprayed on curtains, bedspreads and sheets, it is quickly absorbed, leaving the essence impregnated in the fabric.

Great for freshening up, the home spray is effortless and a simple way to make your space instantly smells better – you just squirt a wonderful fragrance into the air and enjoy it!