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3 things to be thankful in 2020

Bicas - MG, Brasil
And we don't need anything else...

2020 has been no easy year: pandemic, quarantine, COVID-19, isolation, black lives matter protests, US elections, Amazon rainforests in flames, Beirut explosion tragedy, lockdown, curfew... not mentioning thousands of people losing their jobs, anxiety, depression, break ups - oh! I'm so glad this year is ending!
I'm very glad I made it to here... And I want to enjoy this 2020 November 26th being grateful and giving thanks to what really matters in my life: Health + Family + Home. So simple and so important, right? These 3 things are all we need to be happy and keep going - consider yourself the luckiest person in the world if you can be thankful for them too...

Happy Thanksgiving!