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Shake it out

Manhattan, Jun 30, 2018
Remember when Florence and the Machine played in BR and I told you I wouldn't go because of the out of reach concert ticket price? Well, turns out Florence discovered about it.. She knew I was in NYC and so she prepared a free concert with the band for me at Central Par…

LDN feelings

Stressed, depressed.. but always well dressed!

This post is just to show off my new trench coat :) And I look good on it, don't I?

My favorite British classic from Burberry.. and wearing it around the streets of Soho, makes me feel like I'm in London ❤️️

Get the Look:

*photos by Leah Yanac…

Decor Shopping In the City

Saturday is for Shopping and just in case you're tired of shopping for clothes.. (is it ever possible?) there are other pretty things to find on stores here ❤️️ Let me show you my favorites:

Anthropologie Like their clothes, their furniture and decor accessories are very unique > from dish t…

Raquel's Dream House

Soho, May 30, 2018
Não é o que todo artista desde a Factory de Andy Warhol sonha? Ter uma casa no Soho? Não só para morar, mas para criar e expor sua arte também?!  Essa foi a vibe que senti quando visitamos a Raquel’s Dream House.

"Raquel’s Dream House is a month-long initiative proposed by …

Tarsila do Amaral

MoMA, May 22, 2018
Terceira semana em Nova Iorque, eu queria sair para passear e o tempo frio e chuvoso so me dava uma opção: visitar algum museu e um dos principais itens da minha lista de coisas para fazer por aqui era mesmo visitar o MoMA para ver a tao falada exposição da artista brasileira - …

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