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Raquel's Dream House

Soho, May 30, 2018

Não é o que todo artista desde a Factory de Andy Warhol sonha? Ter uma casa no Soho? Não só para morar, mas para criar e expor sua arte também?! 
Essa foi a vibe que senti quando visitamos a Raquel’s Dream House.

"Raquel’s Dream House is a month-long initiative proposed by Raquel Cayre that re-examines traditional methods of presenting, viewing and experiencing design as well as its corresponding modes of display. The selected contributors, designers and artists represent Raquel’s ambition not simply to challenge pre-existing models, or even contradict them, but to “abolish their rules by playing with them.”1 >> keep reading

"What kind of room is possible? 
We imagine:

a room that commands
a room that tells a story
a room that defines
a room that quotes
a room that shapes a medium 
a room that shapes a support 
a room that shapes a subject 
a room that shapes a space 
a room as state of mind"

Same furniture >> different styles

thoughts, anyone?

All White from Zara
Heels from Forever 21 

* All photos by Leah Yanachek