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BERLOOK was established when the Covid-19 pandemic made the world realize the importance and fragility of its ecosystem. The brand's founders thought had to do something that would benefit women and the planet, launching BERLOOK: a fashion brand dedicated to bring innovation to design, making women feel free and beautiful while helping clean up the environment.

BERLOOK's multipurpose garments are designed to help us enjoy more leisure and make work feel cozy. Each one of the swimwear styles has been tried on by dozens of women with a variety of body shapes and sizes, to ensure that they look perfect.

Launching brand new styles each season with multiple ways to wear and love them, BERLOOK gives the customers the most bang for the buck.

Check out the comfortable pieces made from high stretchy materials provide coverage across all different bodies. Plus! BERLOOK adopts 100% natural or recyclable fabric for every timeless piece in the swimwear and ready-to wear collection created.

BERLOOK's Eco-look collection is meticulously fashioned using ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber derived from both pre and post-consumer waste, such as discarded fishing nets, industrial plastic waste, and fabric scraps. Opting for ECONYL® instead of new nylon enables the brand to repurpose waste materials, offering them a renewed purpose.

It's important to mention, 100% of the packaging bag is made from degradable materials, 100% compostable and 100% sourced from sustainable plants. And each BERLOOK's piece is packaged in a reusable linen bag that can be used in everyday life instead of paper box. 

The recycled nylon and recycled polyester in BERLOOK's collection is certificated GRS. Recycled materials reduce the demand on limited natural resources, using less energy and fewer chemicals.

BERLOOK also offers the softest and comfiest activewear. With a four-way stretch, the yoga apparel is made to allow movements freely and gracefully in any pose. Plus, they're highly breathable, ensuring that the body stays cool and dry throughout a yoga session.

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