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Spring Cleaning: Fragrances to Refresh your Home

Start the new season clearing out the old to make room for the new, both in our homes and lives. It's Spring cleaning time: a tradition with ancient origins celebrated worldwide that marks the transition out of winter by refreshing our own homes. Do you have this habit? 

I believe a good home cleaning is welcome in every change of season, but I understand Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home specially after a long and cold winter of closet doors and windows. Thinking about it, I'm bringing a precious decor (and why not wellness) tip that will make your home looking and smelling its best.

Have you heard about REPLICA by Maison Margiela Home Scenting collection? Their diffusers and scented candles are a must have this new season. Check it out why:

By thoughtfully integrating luxury scents into your spring cleaning, you improve your home’s cleanliness and organization and create an enriched atmosphere that appeals to the senses. This holistic approach to spring cleaning ensures your space is visually pleasing and has delightful fragrances, making your home a place to cherish and enjoy.

It's also important to keep in mind that clearing clutter can reduce stress, increase relaxation, and make it easier for your mind to focus. It brings a sense of satisfaction and uplifts your mood as you remove unnecessary items. Remember: less is more.

You know I'm a home scenting lover, I've tested a great variety of scented candles and diffusers and I'm always open to discover new brands. REPLICA home scenting collection is different because it's based on a unique concept that invites you to diffuse or reignite your favorite memories at home, besides of course the beautiful minimalistic design of the products recipients.

Here's a couple of my favorite REPLICA' candles and diffusers:


The atmosphere created by this diffuser is serene and clean, as an invitation to self-indulgence and peacefulness. This delicate fragrance was created by the renowned perfumer Louise Turner. She chose Lily of the Valley and White Musks to recreate the enveloping and delicate sensation of freshly washed linen on your skin, while the Iris and Ambrette seeds evoke the sun gently warming your skin.

Key notes: Lily of the Valley, Iris, White Musks, Ambrette Seeds

Ideal room: Bedroom, Living room, Bathroom and Hallway


The By the Fireplace diffuser will fill your home with the addictive and wintery scent of wood and chestnuts grilling in the chimney. It unlocks the memory of a cozy winter evening by the chimney. The atmosphere created by this diffuser is warm and comforting bringing a reassuring sensation peacefulness.

Cozy scent was created by renowned perfumer Marie Salamagne. She used Cashmeran mixed with Clove oil to recreate the sensation of wood burning in the chimney (clove brings the burning effect of the wood).

Key notes: Chestnut Gaiac wood, Cashmeran, Pink Pepper, Clove

Ideal room: Living room, Reading salon and Home office

This candle makes you imagine a date overlooking magnificent vineyards soaked in the golden light of a late summer evening thanks to the addictive notes of blackcurrant liquor and earthy sensual notes of Patchouli. The scent of ripe grapes and roses fill the air, as you enjoy the positive sensations brought by dating moments: a mix of a delicate sensuality and sweetness, with a hint of excitement.

Key notes: Blackcurrant liquor, Rose, Bergamot, Patchouli

Ideal room: Living Room and Bedroom


As the diffuser, the By the Fireplace candle recalls the cozy and heartwarming atmosphere of a winter evening by the chimney. This luxury candle will fill your home with the addictive and wintery scent of wood and chestnuts grilling in the chimney, making your space feels warm and comforting bringing a reassuring sensation peacefulness.

Key notes: Chestnut, Cashmeran, Pink Pepper, Clove

Ideal room: Living room, Home office and Reading salon.

Did you know? Lighting a candle at bed time also improves sleep quality by creating a more tranquil bedroom environment.

How are you welcoming the arrival of Spring? Let me know in the comments!