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Face Creams and Moisturizers to Hydrate & Protect the Skin

The eternal question: face cream or moisturizer? What's best for your skin type? There are a lot of great and different skincare products and to chose the right one can be a little overwhelming - I know! 

According to Image Skincare: "Each product serves a different purpose and provides unique benefits to the skin. For example, a lightweight moisturizer can help to hydrate the skin, while a cream can provide intense hydration and nourishment."

The key is identifying your skin type: is it dry, oily, combination or normal? Once you determine which category your skin falls under you can choose the skincare products specifically formulated for your needs.

A moisturizer has a lighter, non-greasy consistency, while a cream has a richer texture to provide deeper hydration. Oily, acne-prone skin types usually benefit from moisturizers more, whereas, creams are usually best suited for dry skin types. Take a look bellow at some creams and moisturizers I've been testing (and loving) for over 6 moths already, maybe you'll find something interesting for yourself too:

Edelweiss Smoothing Day Cream, from The Body Shop

I love this daily cream from The Body Shop because it's lightweight with an air-whipped texture, so it doesn't feel "sticky" and it's fast-absorbing. It revitalizes and reduces fine lines, giving us a smoother looking skin. Enriched with natural ingredients, this day cream helps our skin retain moisture, leaving it plumped, luminous, and healthy-looking.

This Biossance's moisturizer instantly brightens and nourishes skin. It hydrates and fights signs of aging, while defending our skin from daily aggressors, toxins and pollution. Plus, the vitamin C in the formula easily absorbs into the skin and helps diminish the look of discoloration, visibly improving skin's elasticity and firmness. I use it together with their face oil for maximum benefits and to seal the hydration.

Atopic Skin Defense®, from Herbitual®

An intensely moisturizing cream that helps soothe and relieve the symptoms of atopic skin conditions - whether it's dry, sensitive or eczema prone skin - while protecting and fortifying the skin barrier. It's fortified with Herbitual's proprietary blend of ancient botanicals and FDA recognized skin science, promoting relief, repair, rebalance and renewal.

This ultra hydrating facial cream from Kiehl's has a unique lightweight texture and leave the skin softer and visibly healthier right after applying. It strengthens and repair our skin’s barrier while provides a soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Melt Moisturizer with Bakuchiol and Squalane, from Alpyn Beauty

This best-selling Super Hydrator from Alpyn Beauty is a rich cream that targets dry, dehydrated skin with weightless, lasting hydration. It has a velvety, makeup-ready finish and the skin feels less dry and brighter after a few days using it, with a more radiant glow and more hydrated.

Quick reminder, the moisturizer must be applied after the serums and eye masks and before the retinol and face oil. For the complete skin care sequence, check out our guide here.