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Have You Ever Questioned The Nature of Your Reality?

Nova Iorque, NY, EUA
Hey guys, 'Westworld' is finally back (after almost 2 years!!!) and this sci-fi fan here is so excited about it I had to share a post to celebrate! Besides the sci-fi story, futuristic sets and amazing actors, the TV show has a beautiful costume design - I love the minimalistic, clean and sophisticated outfits and that's how I hope fashion will look like in 2052. 

Take a look below at some of our favorite looks from the past 3 seasons and in the end, my selection of similar clothes to shop and wear in the present day :)

From Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood)

From Charlotte (Tessa Thompson)

This is from season 4 already:

From Maeve (Thandie Newton)

get the look

Westworld Season 4 premieres tonight on HBO MAX, are you watching?