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Tessa Thompson

She captivated my heart as Bianca in 'Creed'.. then, I gave a lot of laughs watching she electrocuting Chris Hemsworth in 'Thor Ragnarok'.. laughed a little bit more of this unpredictable couple in 'Men in Black International' and now I can't lie I feel relieved her character in 'Westworld', Charlotte, had a change of fate in season 3 (playing now on HBO).  

photo by Jamaican Photographer D. L. Samuels

Isn't she cute? I have no reasons why actress, producer, songwriter, singer and activist Tessa Thompson shouldn't be our blog's #WCW today. And if you're not familiar with her yet, I suggest you to use your quarantine and self-isolation time at home to catch up and watch all of her movies + also the sci-fi series that everybody's talking about (my favorite, by the way): 'Westworld'.

The cutest couple (scene from 'Creed')

Oh yeah! We have one thing in common:

We both love Rocky ❤

When our #WCW meets our #MCM Michael B Jordan

Photos by Eric Ray Davidson for Entertainment Weekly magazine, Nov 2018 issue

The perfect chemistry we saw in Creed I, Creed II.. and hoping to see again in Creed III (?)

Hope you're all safe and sound at home and 
have a blessed Easter this Sunday with your loved ones!

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