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Harmony and Serenity for 2022!

My color to celebrate this New Year was Blue and I want to ask you: do you believe in these things?

There are those who believe that the color of the clothes you wear at the turn of the year helps to dictate how your next 365 days will be, the energy you will attract. 

Blue has been connected to serenity in art and religious traditions for centuries. In fact, blue was believed to have mystical properties due to its rarity as a pigment, which artists coveted. Representative of serenity and tranquility, Blue also favors the power of communication, in addition to generating well-being and patience. (Everything the world needs right now, don't you think?)

Jumpsuit from Zara
Heels from Arezzo
Earrings are from Forever 21
Clutch is vintage

By the way: The color, made from the mineral lapis lazuli, was imported from Asia for 6,000 years until the 18th century when a new blue pigment, which could be produced commercially, was created accidentally. 💙

All the colors and their meanings for the New Year:

  • White: peace, purity and calm;
  • Silver: novelties, innovation and modernity;
  • Gold: wealth, success and prosperity;
  • Red: passion, desire and intensity;
  • Yellow: money, joy and extroversion;
  • Orange: energy, enthusiasm and courage;
  • Pink: love, affection and affection;
  • Lilac and purple: self-knowledge, spiritual development and intuition;
  • Green: health, hope and good luck;
  • Blue: harmony, honesty and trust;
  • Black: independence, authority and decision making.

Happy New Year, everyone!