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For Your Babies

Taking a moment here to talk about my babies, or as we call them: Os Biduzinhos, a schnauzer family composed by father Freud, mother Lola, son Tico and daughter Brigitte. Only who has pets at home knows this kind of love and for those who have dogs, I hope this post can be helpful.

It's amazing how these little packages of love and fluffiness are able to improve our mood and change our lives complete, right? But I need to leave a warning for those who still don't have a dog and would like to have one: it's not always easy and fun, these little precious things require a lot of work and care.

Freud & coffee

Come check bellow a small and top selection of the products we use with our babies, from their favorite food to the toys they love...

Beauty and care time:

Tico loves a grooming day

The Happy Place plant-based spray cleans and deodorizes without causing harm to the coat or skin. It's perfect for refreshing your best friend quickly and for cleaning doggies that hate getting wet. While OUAI’s Fur Bébé pet shampoo cleanses and hydrates your dog’s skin and coat, leaving them soft, shiny, and smelling of a calming blend of rose, lemon and iris. Take a look here.

Time to play:

Stop taking photos and come play, mom!

A Jute and Rope Plush Doll Mannequin Pet Toy from Pet Life will provide your dog with plenty of fun. The rope arms can be used for tug play and the jute material helps strengthen your dog's teeth while they chew. By the way, did you know one of the best ways to strengthen the bond you have with your dog is to spend quality time together? Choose the perfect toys for you both here.

Time to eat:

Brigitte aproves it 

Have you heard about Chippin? All of their products consume 80%+ less resources than the status quo options. The proteins (silver carp, cricket, spirulina) are hypoallergenic and scientifically shown to be more digestible than chicken and each recipe is crafted with board certified veterinary nutritionists and PhDs. 
Plus! Chippin is Certified Plastic Neutral. They remove as much plastic from the environment as they use throughout their entire supply chain. Also, Carbon Neutral Shipping and made in the USA.
And if you still have doubts about it, the brand was featured as the best dog treat of 2022 by GreatPetcare!

When we go out:

How cute is Lola with her pink collar?

As soon as I found out about @customcatchgifts I knew I had to share here with you guys, because I know how much you love pets and I know that are a lot of dog parents here... Their dog collars are completely customizable and are made of genuine, high-quality leather and durable hardware. You can engrave name, phone number, and even a notable medical condition about your puppies.

Time to sleep:

Good night and Sweet dreams...

Because our pets deserve a cozy, comfortable, and a stylish bed too, right? The round dog bed from H&M in soft faux shearling with firm stuffing to help retain shape is in our wish list. Looks so cute, right? It also has a non-slip protection underneath. Click here to see more.