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Hey guys, these last few weeks of the year can be so stressful, right? One thing I love to do to make me feel more relaxed is playing cards games. Writing articles, scheduling photoshoots, answering emails... Whew! A little break from all is necessary and some short pause moments help my brain to think better and focus again.

Talking about it, I just want to share with you this online games website I've recently found out called , where we are able to play free classic Solitaire - or "Patience", how I call it here - card games (no App download is needed and it's totally ads free!). Don't believe? Come check it out!

While the site primarily focuses on Solitaire games, it also offer other a tone of collections of other cool games across the following categories: logic puzzle games, word gamesmahjong gameshidden object games, card gamesmatch 3 games and free online games. Impossible not to find your favorite...

screen prints of one of my games :)

Besides Solitaire/ Patience, there's another game I'm totally crazy about available at Sudoku, do you know it? I'm so happy I discovered a logic game there free to play whenever I want! By the way, it's also possible to play offline - we can print out sudoku puzzles using the print button on the game's welcome screen. Perfect!

As you can see on my screen print, you can change up to 10 different languages 
(mine is in Portuguese). 

Do you feel like trying but you don't know how to play? No worries, the rules are all there. Below every game, there's a "how to" steps and features section, neat and simple. Easy to read, understand and learn.

One more before I go, time to relax and play Freecell :)

Take a few minutes off today to access and try one of the games and don't forget to comeback here to tell me your thoughts about it, I bet you will love it too.