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Keebos - The Only Fashion Accessory You Need This Season

New Season means New Look, right? Changing the wardrobe can be stressful but we have a precious tip for you: the secret is to start small, building your new outfit style one statement piece at time. And speaking of statement pieces, there’s one fashion accessory you must have - it doesn’t matter the outside temperature. Yes, I’m talking about crossbody phone cases - a trend that’s here to stay! 

You must agree, it’s impossible to live without our phones today… They carry all of our photographs, our personal information, our business emails and our precious contacts. Just the thought of losing my phone freaks me out so having it always safe with me is not an option. Combining fashion with functionality, Keebos is my favorite phone accessory. Come check it out! 

Keebos is the perfect solution I found to keep my phone accessible and safe all the time. The cases are so stylish they match with every and each one of my outfits. The cute straps are adjustable making it possible to wear as a necklace or a crossbody bag. Plus! Every Keebos crossbody phone case has a wallet on the back, along with a comfortable elastic finger strap to help you hold your phone effortlessly in one hand without dropping it. (By the way, the wallet allows you to store up to 7 cards on the back, so you can use it as a wallet… amazing, don’t you think?) 

Think Pink! Of course, this pretty one is my favorite 💕

It’s a “handsfree and carefree” way of life. Whether you’re going on a stroll, riding a scooter or bike, traveling, barhopping with friends (thanks the quarantine days are over!) or taking a quick stroll through the neighborhood to walk your dog - which is my case as you watch every weekend in my IG stories (I’m walking with my 4 schnauzers (!) And have no hands left to carry my phone so…) - this is the best and most fashionable option we have. 

Speaking of fashion, Keebos straps come in a variety of colors, the utilitarian-looking cases have slick, elegant cords and two phone cases also come with stunning metal chains in Gold and Onyx. 

I love that all of their products are named after streets in Venice, California. Check out their best seller, named Sunset - it’s a classic! 

Last but not least, it’s important to mention Keebos’ concerns for the environment. They have a partnership with 'One Tree Planted' and for each phone case purchased, one tree is planted through the organization. Besides, their packaging is free of fancy dyes or plastics and does not lead to more waste, eco-friendly and biodegradable craft paper is used instead. 

Available for iPhone or Samsung, Keebos also offers a 30 days no question money back guarantee. The shipping is free in the US and to the rest of the world is charged a $6.99 fee. Never drop or lose your phone again, get your essential phone accessory for every season here!

For more info, you can also visit Keebos on Instagram and Facebook pages. 
See you there! 
Love, Theriz