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Life through Millennial Pink coloured glasses

Or 'La vie en rose' as Édith Piaf would say.. lately, is how I'm trying to see the world: through Pink coloured glasses - not trying to fool myself pretending that everything is great and beautiful, but searching for a good side in everything that's happening and hoping for the best.
Somebody once told me "positivity attracts positivity" - and I think Pink attracts positivity.  

The color of the day is Pink >> Sweet & Cute like Friday
Lipstick 'Please me' from MAC is my favorite

"Think Pink! If you want that quel-que chose..." do you remember the song from 'Funny Face' (1957) movie? Our love affair with Pink is old news, but now, they put a label on a shade of the color and everybody's talking about it.

Actually, everybody is using it! From designed furniture to classic wardrobe - I'm not complaining, I'm using too! And loving!! And sharing :))

I need to stop wearing all black..

And the Miss Dior Chérie commercial from 2009 directed by Sofia Coppola - the first one from a series of Paris colored in shades of Pink, from dresses to macaroons - it makes you dream!

Dream in Pink

Pink Walls

This one I took it :) 
It's from Lovely Bride shop in Tribeca, New York
I was there for a Stylist job opportunity and fell in love with the store decor ♥️♥️♥️

Details: the metal shade of rose = gold rose = copper

Imagina chegar em casa depois de um dia estressante de trabalho, não tem como não sorrir ao olhar para o seu sofá cor-de-rosa! E o toque do veludo sorri de volta pra você: "chega mais!"

Brides love Pink, of course! 
My friend sent me this so I could choose the color of my dress as a bridesmaid - take a look here.

We can use Pink at Interiors too.. from bathrooms to kitchens 
The sky is the limit and Pinterest has all the possibilities to inspire us

Barbie feelings!
OMG! I love this place, but never been there - I bet you saw a photo from it somewhere before - the gastro-brasserie restaurant Sketch in Mayfair, London. 

A brief history about it (from NYmag): 
June 2014: British artist David Shrigley and the designer India Mahdavi update the Gallery at Sketch London, a restaurant, with pink walls and pink velvet chairs to complement Shrigley’s illustrations. The restaurant gives the room to a new artist to redecorate every two years, but this color is so popular that they decide not to change it. Two years later, Mahdavi uses the same color on the walls in a Red Valentino store in London and on the furniture in an installation at Ralph Pucci in New York.

"Pink is a quite soft and friendly colour – it tends to work well with a lot of other colours and adds a certain glow," explained Sanna Wåhlin, one of the designers at Swedish office Note Design Studio.

Ready for a brunch at the Delicatessen bathroom in Nolita, New York
OOTD: top and bag from Forever 21
bottom and faux fur from Zara 

There's a shade of Pink for every taste.. you just need to try it

my goodies and new Instagram account >> all in pink ♥️

Get in the mood.. rockstars like Pink too!

Time to dance.. Happy Weekend, dears!!