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3 ways to style your White Shirt


Definitely the most classic piece of clothing and the best one to invest in your life... the White Shirt is an everyone's favorite and it goes pretty much with anything at any time (any season). And I bet you have one inside your wardrobe, am I right?

Today I'm sharing 3 ways to wear it for work (at home or at the office): all buttoned up, with denim and with a black suit... do you have a favorite way to style your white shirt? Share here with us too!

1. Buttoned up

Pairing it with a plaid blazer you have a perfect outfit for fall. I found mine at Zara :)

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2. Casual 

Maybe it's the architect in me, but this is one of my fav outfits - and exactly because it is easy, comfortable and kind of stylish too. I'm always wearing it for visiting a client or when I need to visit a construction project - always with sneakers too.

Denim from Breshka (found them on sale at a shop in Soho, NY)

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3. Effortless chic

This one is no news here, you may have read it before on the blog... and it's totally inspired by the 80's (fashion and movies). The classic black suit + white shirt = modern business women look.

I wear it (also) with sneakers and/or heels, depending on the situation... it works perfectly both ways!

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