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Beauty in Full Bloom

Speaking of a new season, I'm wondering... Do you change your perfumes when the weather changes? Well, I do! And I recently discover a new perfect scent for Spring: the Gucci Bloom, by Gucci.

I have to confess that I was only interested on it after watching the video Gucci unveiled for the campaign for its signature Bloom fragrance - starring: singer Florence Welch, actress Anjelica Huston, actress Jodie Turner-Smith, and designer Susie Cave. 
Photographed by Floria Sigismondi with art direction by Christopher Simmonds, dreamy images set at Italy’s La Scarzuola ruins include blossoming florals. Yes, I fell in love immediately! 

 Expect to scent notes of rangoon creeper, jasmine bud, and natural tuberose

The new Gucci Bloom campaign opens with Florence Welch exploring the abandoned theatres of La Scarzuola, a surrealist architectural compound built around an old Franciscan convent. A garden of dreams where magic blooms and intensifies until a floral explosion happens showering our 4 divas... Watch it here:

Some scenes take inspiration from the French musical film ‘Peau d'├éne,’ directed by Jacques Demy. The stop motion flower sequences in the campaign are animated by the Brothers Quay. Music: ‘Fade Into You’ Performed by Mazzy Star Written by Hope Sandoval and David Roback.

Florence x Gucci

In 2019, The Florence and the Machine singer appears in Gucci jewelry advertisements. Captured by Colin Dodgson, the redhead drips in luxe baubles designed by Alessandro Michelewith. (Art direction by Christopher Simmonds)

My version of the Bloom campaign and creative vision, from my backyard:


The complete Spring fragrances list is here, hope you love it! 
Be safe!