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It makes "scent"!

I said it before and I will always repeat here for you: our home is an extension of ourselves, it's the place we feel safest and where we can be totally free to be who we really are. It's our heaven, our shelter and where we spend most of our time in. So why not take care of this sacred pl…

L'amour Rouge

Quarantined #atHome but always trying to keep it in style.. I was just needing a little fashion production + some red lips in my life right now so, why not?

Red lips matching red Hermès carre.. not enough? Adding a statement piece of jewelry will do. Favorite shade of Red: MAC Feel So Grand matte …

At Home but make it Style

A little treat from our backyard..

Photos inspired by Prada fall-winter 2017 campaign. Photographed by Willy Vanderperre

Freja Beha Erichsen fronts Prada Chiaroscuro fall-winter 2017 campaign

Traveling With Audrey

Mês novo, uma nova semana começa e continuamos em quarentena (no Brasil e em alguns outros países). Sem previsão de quando isso irá acabar, a incerteza de quando vamos poder circular por ai sem medo e principalmente, de quando vamos poder viajar de novo só aumenta. Aliás, a vontade de viajar só au…

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