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Everybody wants to be Marie Antoniette

Paris, França

To live in Paris, wear couture and eat macarons every day.. if you know a girl who never wanted a life like this, she's lying to you! (haha..) Not sure about it? I can prove - go to your Instagram now and search for the hashtags ParisianStyle, ParisianVibes, ParisianLife and so it goes.. you will discover a lot of different digital creators accounts (mine including) that are constantly sharing one thing in common: Parisian Interiors.

This week's blog post is about the impeccable interiors of Paris I found on those IG accounts and some tips to have a french inspired space to call yours - even if you don't live at the City of Light.

It's easy to notice: while each interior is distinctly unique, they all draw from a rich historical tradition of decorative arts combined with an instinctive desire to reinvent itself, mixing the best elements from different epochs with contemporary art, bold colors, or surprising pattern combinations.

Would this be a Marie Antoniette syndrome? Maybe.. What I know for sure is that live in a Haussmann-style apartment on Rue Saint Honoré with elaborate ceiling moldings, original restored herringbone hardwood floors, and other intricate period details is the new life goal now.

Creating the effortlessly chic way the French decorate their homes:
Tip n1. Choose classic paint colors like white and grey, it makes the room feel more spacious and elegant. Save the deep colors for contemporary art pieces, furniture and decorative accessories.

Tip n2. Find the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity.

Tip n3. Glamour is a major component of French interior design, and it’s almost impossible to find a true Paris apartment without a touch of gold. Whether it’s a gilded frame or gold mirror, make sure every room shines.

A classic Parisian Interior must have: high ceilings, tall French windows, elaborately carved moldings, marble fireplaces, herringbone oak floors and wrought iron balconies.

Tip n4. Comfortable and coziness: wood always brings a comforting feel so add a hardwood parquet flooring to make the space cozier and of course, more beautiful too.

Tip n5. Dramatic drapery: Every Parisian chic interior needs a captivatingly romantic element, and lush curtains that pillow and pool onto the floor are the perfect candidate. Silk is usually the material of choice, but linen can be equally beautiful with elegant pinch-pleat detailing.

From beautiful antiques to rich textiles and loads of global influences, don't forget the chandelier!

Hope you're all safe and using your quarantine time at home taking care of yourselves and of your spaces.. 
If you need more inspiration, I'll be here!