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The Key to Designing a Calm and Creative Environment

Article from Abundance Creative

Stephanie Halber is no stranger to artistic expression. An award-winning producer, actor and coach - creativity is part of her everyday life.
“I have a passion for performing arts, and whether I’m acting on screen, producing a project or working with other talent - creativity is a key part of what I do,” she says. “But it doesn't just come out of thin air, instead I take inspiration from the world around me and that starts at home.”
Though she spends a lot of time on stage or on set, like many creatives she also does a lot of her work from home and so her interior has to help fuel her creative passions.
“I want to surround myself with beautiful things that help to give me that spark, my home is also my sanctuary - it’s where I go to relax and unwind - so my interior has to reflect all of that. But above all it has to look beautiful too.”
That’s a difficult balancing act, but for Stephanie the key is picking the right pieces to help her bring her home to life.
“My favourite piece is my Chanel Rose wall art, it’s the focal point of my living room. I love the intimacy of it and the colours, it perfectly sets the tone for my own little oasis. There’s something that’s just so relaxing about flowers. Living downtown it can be hard to connect with nature, but this piece gives me my own little window into nature even when I’m in the heart of the city.”

3 Keys to Creating Inspiring Interiors

So how do you create an inspirational but intimate sanctuary like Stephanie? We asked Abundance Creative’s owner and interior design expert Gabriela Herrera for her advice…

1 - Make it yours

The more your living space represents your personality, the more comfortable it is going to be. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how beautifully designed your room is, if it doesn't feel like home you’re just not going to feel right. When it comes to creating an inspiring interior look to build your room around one or two key pieces that express your own personal style and get your creative juices flowing. It could be a piece of wall art, an item of furniture, even plants and accessories - whatever it is make sure it speaks to you. Try to include a variety of different materials and textures such comfortable fabrics, furniture made out of wood materials, marble and bring accessories to add a touch of colour to your room.

2 - Keep it simple

Some of the most inspiring interiors are also the most simplistic, and so building a space that is clean and organized will help you to create your own creative oasis. Start by cutting the clutter, then take the time to plan out how you want your room to look. Creating a simple mood board will help you to decide exactly what you want, that way you can ensure that you only fill your room with inspirational pieces instead of overstuffing it with anything that grabs your attention.

3 - Colour is key

Colour is absolutely key when it comes to fashioning a calm and creative environment. The right tones on your walls can transform even the drabbest of spaces into inspirational interiors. My tip is to use a piece of wall art as your starting point and then build your colour palette around that. That’s exactly the technique that Stephanie has used in her living room, matching a modern millennial pink with her Chanel Rose wall art. Pink may seem like a bold choice but it is rapidly becoming the “new neutral” thanks to its ability to accent a kaleidoscope of other colours. Just look at how Stephanie has paired pink accents such as her porcelain vases and throw pillows with the rest of her space in order to create a dreamy inspirational interior.

Inspiration mood board features; porcelain vases from West Elm, marble side table from Article, cushion covers from West Elm, Velvet Blush armchair from Rove Concepts, Chanel Rose wall art by Abundance Creative.

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