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Linen + Silk

Shirt by Richards Trousers and bag by Zara Shoes by Arezzo Scarf by Hermès Bijoux by Forever 21

Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper

Sabe aquela reforma básica e baratinha que você está precisando fazer na sua casa? Então, ela existe e se chama papel de parede - um jeito prático e rápido de renovar qualquer ambiente..

Olha como meu home office mudou completamente (para melhor) com esse papel de parede da Orlean ❤️️ Já estava en…

Cat Woman

Hello everybody! Today is Wednesday and on Wednesdays we share our Woman Crushes. Can you believe that since 2009, I never dedicated a post to the movies Diva Michelle Pfeiffer? Besides the obvious beauty the actress is one of my favorites .. of course, she was Catwoman! And you know I can not res…

Michael bae Jordan

It wasn't the first time I saw him, but my crush started when I watched Michael B. Jordan as thebad guy Erik Killmongerin 'Black Panther' this year.

I mean.. look at this style!!

Good news is: he's coming back with Sly in 'Creed 2'!!  And the filming already started in Phil…

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