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Why I love Superheroes

(and wish I could be one) Just in case you're wondering..

#1 Nice outfits

Superheroes have great taste for clothes and their uniforms are Fashion!
Remember Jennifer Garner as 'Elektra' (2005)?

I love this outfit! And the black one she uses in 'Daredevil' (2003) too..
Both movies are from Marvel and you'll find both on Netflix

#2 They can fly
Imagine going everywhere without needing cars or airplanes!

As a kid I just wanted to fly like Storm from the 90's X-Men cartoon

Now... I want to fly like Wonder Woman - gracefully!

#3 They are rich
And they use the money to make the good for people!

Does anybody knows how much money Bruce Wayne has?

I mean.. he owns all the business companies in Gotham and now he just bought an entire bank in Metropolis! (gotta watch 'Justice League' to know what I'm talking about) Without mention his mansions, cars and all the Batman gadgets..

Something like this.

Tony Stark either

#4 They are strong
Which allows them to do almost everything 'cause they don't get hurt or die easily.. haha.. All that strength makes them fearless and always open and ready to new adventures and challenges.

Thor Vs Hulk >> who wins??
'Thor: Ragnarok' (2017) is great & funny & has a great soundtrack & has Jeff Goldlum in the cast! >> you must watch!!

And have great bodies too!
(P.S.(1): ❤️️ Aquaman)

#5 They know how to fight
I mean.. There's no use being strong without knowing how to fight, right?

Plus!! Bad guys exists so we can punch them :)

P.S.(2).: Girls fight better (even the superheroes)

#6 People trust them
They can do, say or ask anything and everybody will believe, obey and help.

'Batman Vs Superman' (2014)

And no matter how many times Louis Lane is thrown out of a window.. Superman will always come and get her!!

7# They can actually save the world
Terrorism, alien invasions, crazy men with unlimited power or "freaks dressed like clowns"? No worries, if they can't make it on their own, they will came together and form a League

The leader of a world superpower decided to change the treaties on the preservation of the environment? 
Go, Leonardo DiCaprio Planet!!

No fake promises, just actions.