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the Bad guy

In films there's the good guy, there's the sci-fi guy, the cute guy, the funny guy, the tough guy.. and there is the bad guy!

This's my official apologies to what I said here about Jesse Eisenberg.. After watching 'Batman vs Superman' (a thousand times!) I have to confess - I love it! Jesse was the right choice to play Lex Luthor and more >> His not a bad actor, his the perfect actor for the bad guy roles.

Can't wait to see Lex Luthor again! With the 'Justice League'.. maybe?

In meanwhile.. if you're not a SuperHeroes movies fan, you can see Jesse on these 2 new realeses:

with Kristen Stewart in 'Café Society', by Woody Allen
(the movie was part of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival)

and the sequel >> 'Now You See Me 2'

Good Night and Good Movie to all!