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Wonder Woman

Nova York, NY, EUA

NYC, Aug 2nd, 2016

I don't know if you guys are following the process of presidential elections here. Last week (July 25/ 29), it happened in Philadelphia the Democratic Convention in which the candidate Hillary Clinton officially accepted her presidential nomination.
A unique moment in the history of the country (the first woman in the 240-year history of the United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party - important for everyone, especially for women) and I ask you, do you know what were everybody talking about on the Internet?

- The choice of a White Suit to make the final speech..!! Can you believe it?

I think whoever started the current subject was Vogue. Okay, it's a fashion magazine then it is all about clothes! (you can argue with me) And then, other sites - specialized in fashion or not - were sharing the same thing - the meaning of the White Suit!

It got me thinking .. Is it really important? Wouldn't it be more interesting to discuss what could change inside the publication offices (or in any other workplace) if we'd have a woman for president? The relationship between boss and employer or the question of equal wages?

What we wear for every occasion is important indeed and it definitely can help you gain an election - no doubt! But is it all we want to read at this moment? With so much going on in the world (including the trailer for the new 'Wonder Woman' movie! Why not?).

It wasn't just the same thing that Reese Witherspoon questioned on the Oscars red carpet a few years ago with her campaign #askhermore

Better than the freedom we have today to chose what to wear, is the desire of freedom to face people and say: yes, I believe in equal rights.. Wearing white or black - Yes, I'm a feminist!

And, yes! I believe that a Woman can be the President of the USA.

P.S .: My grandfather also used to wear white when he needed to give one of his warm political speeches.
In fact, his impeccable white linen suit became famous for it!

& Talkin' about Wonder Woman..