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Thursday Styles

Nova York, NY, EUA

NYC, July 28, 2016

Woke up at 6 am.. what can I do? It was just too hot to stay in and I had a lot of things to do. Now that I found an apartment (!) I need a job to pay for the rent.
So I spent the whole morning reviewing my resume and writing cover letters to deliver at the Hearst publications building - where are the offices of Elle mag, Harper's Bazaar etc.. 
I needed more coffee and when I was at the Starbucks near school a phone msg popped up:

"It's a big week for you... How about the cover of the NY Times Style Section?" + the newspaper page attached with my photo on it!

(Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times)

'The Pool Room at the Four Seasons restaurant, whose contents were auctioned off in a nearly 15-hour sale. The overall tally for the sale was $4.1 million, which shattered the pre-sale estimate of $1.33 million.'

It was the photographer that I was helping that day. So.. This happened! I couldn't believe and I couldn't stop laughing either. I told you about this photo shoot here, but I'd never imagine that they would choose this photo (with me on it) for a cover! 

I mean, when I tell you this city is crazy you must believe it! In one day it can brings you down you want to kill yourself and in the next day you're so happy you thank god for being here! You can never guess what's going to happen, but I guess this's real life isn't it? It's unpredictable! You just have to get use to it.. ;) 

Talking about the unpredictable, I finish the day on a rooftop party at 319 Grand st (Lower East Side - chinese!) to celebrate the anniversary of an art gallery - Y Gallery - and then I met a really old and traditional restaurant here (since 1888) - Katz's Delicatessen - have you heard about it? A scene from the movie 'When Harry met Sally' (1989) with Meg Ryan was shot there :)

Unpredictable & Cinematographic! This is New York!

That's all for now.. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

* You can read the NY Times article here