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Man Crush Monday

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, born in July 3, 1962 = My #MCM and a treat to help you get through this Monday ;)

Here, 5 songs/ movie moments that can make you or anybody else fall in love with him too ♡♡♡

N° 5 - 'In the air tonight' by Phil Collins

'Risky Business' (1983) by Paul Brickman

N° 4 - 'Solsbury hill' by Peter Gabriel

'Vanilla Sky' (2001) by Cameron Crowe

N° 3 - 'Can't feel my face' by The Weeknd

Lip Sync Battle Tom Cruise's epic lip sync "Can't Feel My Face" The Weeknd

N° 2 - 'Take my breath away' by Berlin

'Top Gun' (1986) by Tony Scott

N° 1 - 'Love me again' by John Newman

'Edge of Tomorrow' (2014) by Doug Liman

And a bonnus track.. just for fun 'cause you know, you can't take these things so serious :)

'Tropic Thunder' 2008

Ok, stop it! I'm in love already! haha..

Hope you enjoy it!
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