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Blake X Kristen

Bonjour! Second day of the french festival and all the movie stars are in Cannes! Yesterday was launched the new Woody Allen's movie 'Café Society', starred by 2 actresses we ♡ Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart!

They stole the show at the photocall for the film > Blake, who is currently expecting her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, showed off her growing baby bump in a red jumpsuit meanwhile, Kristen slayed the 'hi-lo' style in a white crop top, skirt (I think, Chanel) and Louboutin shoes.

(Woody Allen's face = proud of his muses)

Now, I bet you are comparing the style of both, isn't it? That's ok! Vogue.Us has already done it. But think, the two beauties have quite different personalities, it's normal that it shows in the way they dress, don't you agree with me?
In common, besides they both have been campaigning for Chanel (btw, the one with Blake I'd already shown here), only the film which they are working together and the fact that they are good actresses.

Finally, back to the point on the way they dress, tell me: which one is your favorite? I mean, with what style you most identify with?
I must confess, my style is totally Kristen! From the bleached messy hair to the white tshirt. Not to mention the leather jacket, a lot of black pieces in the wardrobe and of course, sneakers!

Arriving at the airport: Blake paired a crisp white trench x Kristen appeared in total grunge mode
1 thing in common: the Chanel Bag!

'Twilight' Bella Swan at the 'Café Society' lunch

and 'GG' Serena in a Valentino Fall/Winter 2016-2017 dress 

Well, that's it for now... I'll be back tmrw with more Style + Movie Stars + Red Carpet & + Cannes!
See you!