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and the Palme d’Or goes to…

After 2 weeks of stars's frenzy on the most glamorous red carpet of the cinema, The International Film Festival of Cannes is over :( You can see the list of the winners here. And so.. I'll leave you with only the best moments I chose that reflects directly what I told you here when the festival was beginning - actors, directors and all involved were happy and excited to be there. 
Trying to make a statement or not, we just have to thank them for all these precious photo shots!

I think that captions are dispensable at this point.. Or if you want you can give to a photo you like most and share with us ;) I'll take this opportunity to thank everybody that followed my posts here, on Twitter and on Pinterest too. I'd really appreciate it. I hope you enjoyed spending these days with me and I hope some of this information has been useful in some way to you.

Thank you very much ♡ See you next year in Cannes!
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Bisous, bisous!

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